Mission Statement

To support organizations committed to protecting and preserving our oceans, waterways and land using art as a medium and engaging consumers by creating and selling a variety of art-related products. To allow people to express their individuality through refined art designed for everyday living.

Commitment To Save The Oceans

As our mission statement states, Bozko is committed to creating partnership with organizations whose purpose is to save our oceans, waterways and sea life.We will do so by donating a percent of all sales to non-profit organizations dedicated to this cause.
Initially, we are supporting The Ocean Conservancy. This non-profit has been the voice of the oceans for over 40 years. The Ocean Conservancy is committed to clean beaches and water, vibrant marine life, balanced working oceans and healthy sustainable foods. It advocates collaborating with partners and volunteers to find and employ scientific solutions to resolve issues plaguing our oceans.
The conversancy has promoted smart-ocean planning, created sustainable fisheries, helped with the restoration of waterways (trash-free seas) and partakes in the protection of the arctic. It created 10 marine sanctuaries and is responsible for moratoriums on international commercial whaling, protecting fur seals from over hunting and establishing bans on the trading of sea turtles.
Bozko will continue to pursue future partnerships with similar organizations. It is our way of staying grounded with mother nature.