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March 18, 2015


Pablo Picasso said “Every Child is an Artist,
The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.

I think what he was saying is “artists ; that is  Authors, Architects,Painters, Musicians, Dancers and on and on lose that artist connection Little by little as they “reach maturity” as they begin to take on the burdens of the world and find a place in society.
That place they left behind is always there and available. The place you can go to to feel the power and beauty of creation. I feel it’s the artist and the designer, the Mathematician the poet and the architect who have brought our civilization out of the caves and into the digital world. Connect with that part of you where this magic happens and Create….

I will be going to Berkeley California in a couple of weeks to visit Galleries and Dear Friends.

February 27, 2015

Arts, a form of creativity

What I love about art is that it’s constantly presenting endless possibilities. And those possibilities are Supremely satisfying and exciting at the same time. Facing conditioned reflexes ,doubt and fear of making a mistake and to open yourself to spontaneous creativity puts one in a timeless state. We have all felt that creative force from time to time and sometimes very powerfully. athletes,artists and others strive to be in the “zone ” as it is called. Time stands still and your consumed by….well, give it a name.

Saw cool surf video last night on Netflix called “deeper shade of blue I think it’s a great source for someone who is just getting into surfing and wants to know how it came to be what it is today. Beautifully photographed it really showed the courage and grace Of these finally tuned athletes many of the people in the film were friends and people I socialized with and shared many ocean adventures with.

I feel my studio pulling me I got to go for now.

February 23, 2015

What the ocean and island life mean to you and how it influences you as a designer of island wear.

The ocean and island life mean everything to me. It is a place where I truly learned to be with nature. To be free. The spirit in the island air is calming.
It is well known there is something called “island time.” Island time comes from living from the heart. Getting away from mechanical constructs of time, if only for a little while, is refreshing. The reason behind it is simple and easy to understand… all of our needs as people are taken care of on the island. The land nourishes us with delicious tropical fruits and coconuts. The pure water cleanses the worries and negativity of the day from our minds and bodies. It brings to heart what truly fills our cup as humans and makes us feel fulfilled and alive… the ‘good life’ starts from the pure water of the oceans and rivers, the nourishing foods, and family life.

When your cup is full you are on island time. Its gift is a taste of freedom. Island living helps to recognize the need to honor the land and water to stay free. If we don’t honor the water, how will we live? If we don’t honor the land, we will struggle to grow food that nourishes us. If we stop honoring the life around us, a different, less preferred clock starts ticking! Life is just more fulfilled on ‘Island time’.

Island time showed me everything is within reach. A safe place where food grows from trees, where the oceans and rivers are not only refreshing and enlivening to swim in but are also full of life themselves. It is easy to fall in love with island life.

As an artist/designer I want to share the freedom that island time has shown me. Island time and island life is a large part of what influences my art, that combined with Eastern philosophy and meditation. Paradise and island time is everywhere we allow it to be. It is my goal to share a glimpse of island time with people through my art. For our beach and casual wear, our intent is to use material for fabric grown from the earth in a regenerative way. I only wish to employ people who will be proud of their work and make a sustainable wage. The designs themselves may have an air of sophistication, but are playful and easy to wear at the same time.
My gift to you is refined art for everyday living. My gift to you is island time.

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