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February 27, 2015

Arts, a form of creativity

What I love about art is that it’s constantly presenting endless possibilities. And those possibilities are Supremely satisfying and exciting at the same time. Facing conditioned reflexes ,doubt and fear of making a mistake and to open yourself to spontaneous creativity puts one in a timeless state. We have all felt that creative force from time to time and sometimes very powerfully. athletes,artists and others strive to be in the “zone ” as it is called. Time stands still and your consumed by….well, give it a name.

Saw cool surf video last night on Netflix called “deeper shade of blue I think it’s a great source for someone who is just getting into surfing and wants to know how it came to be what it is today. Beautifully photographed it really showed the courage and grace Of these finally tuned athletes many of the people in the film were friends and people I socialized with and shared many ocean adventures with.

I feel my studio pulling me I got to go for now.